25.1.2020 15:30 - 15:50 · Equity · Hyvinvointi

Finnish Schools on the Move programme – a national success story

Finnish Schools on the Move is a research-based programme for promoting physical activity in schools. The programme has been developed in Finland since 2010 and has grown from a pilot of 45 schools into a project that covers more than 90 per cent of Finnish schools in basic education.

The program now offers services for other countries to implement a similar model to their educational system. Come and hear how Finnish Schools on the Move became a success story in Finland and how we can help other countries create a more active school culture.

Speakers: Mr. Antti Blom, Program Director and Mr. Joonas Niemi, Program coordinator / Finnish Schools on the Move

  • Aika: 25.1.2020 15:30 - 15:50
  • Paikka: Equity
  • Esiintyjät: Blom Antti, Niemi Joonas