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Educa online – international programme

The international entity of the Educa online event examines challenges during the pandemic and international cooperation.

Educa 2022 will be rescheduled, the new dates are January 27-28, 2023

The international entity of Educa online is aimed mainly for an international audience. The programme focuses, among other things, on the global impact of teaching and learning during the pandemic and the challenges of internationalisation. Educa online event is arranged 27–29 January 2023. The international part will be concentrated to Friday 28 January.

From distance teaching experiences to the challenges of future lifelong learning

The international part of the Educa online event addresses both the challenges of teaching during a pandemic and the future prospects of the sector. A high-level Nordic perspective on the challenges of post Covid-19 education is provided by the Nordic high-level panel discussion, in which the Ministers of Education of Finland, Sweden and Norway will participate. Susan Flocke, ETUCE, Jeffrey Jian Xu, ADB and Jaakko Salo, (The Trade Union of Education in Finland) OAJ will discuss the impact of the pandemic on global education.

The afternoon high-level discussion will consider, as a case study, how Finland will adapt and modify its education system to meet the needs of the future. Participating in the discussions are, among others, Michael Stevenson, OECD, Tony McKay NCEE, Jackie Kraemer, NCEE and Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Finnish National Agency for Education. Friday is concluded with a high-level panel discussing ways to address the global learning crisis. It will spotlight the work of the Global Partnership for Education to strengthen education systems in developing countries, partner country and civil society perspectives and discuss Finland’s global role in education. The panel will highlight the impact of the pandemic on education in developing countries and make a case for investing in education to build back better and more resilient education systems.