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Educa goes digital 29–30 Jan 2021

Educa goes digital offers current information on both domestic and international topics.

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Educa is the largest event for the education and training sector in Finland

Educa goes digital event gathered 19 338 visitors to watch the programme, explore offers and exhibitors and chat with the exhibitors. Thank you for all the participants. The programme of the online event is available until the end on April 2021. To watch the programme you need to create a user account and log in.

Educa will be arranged next time on 28–29 January 2022.

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You can see the presentations as recordings. The programme has presentations of various current topics, such as distance education, education for the future and the affects of Covid-19 on education. You can see the international programme here »


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The exhibitors participating in Educa goes digital are published. During the event you can chat with the representatives of the exhibitors through their introduction page. See the exhibitors »

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Educa is expanding with international programme

Nordic’s leading teaching and education sector event Educa is expanding with a new international programme package in January 2020. The programme is aimed for trade professionals who are interested in English content as well as foreign visitors who are interested in the Finnish teaching and education sector.

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Communality and inclusion increase well-being

Collaborative learning refers to a form of learning in which all team members share a common mission and purpose. The common goal is to be achieved through discussion and consensus. This way of learning often has the potential to achieve more than individual learning.

Early Childhood Education – the foundation for all learning

Early childhood education is a pedagogically focused set of systematic and purposeful upbringing, teaching and care of a child. Early childhood education supports the growth, development and learning of a child and promotes well-being. It is organized, for example, in kindergarten or open club activities and family day care.

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