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Yousician for schools is a one of a kind music educational pilot to explore a modern approach to music education. This project will be delivered to elementary schools in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area for 12 months in 2020.

Founded in 2010, Yousician is the largest and fastest-growing music education company in the world, with millions of students around the globe.

Combining our technology and modern concepts in music education, we designed a unique method to enhance the music teaching and learning experience. This method is based on the Gamification of Learning, an educational approach that brings gameplay elements into learning environments. We use game mechanics and design techniques to actively engage and motivate students in the classroom. Through our approach, we can capture and hold the interest of your students and inspire them to continue learning.
In educating children using our innovative method, we’ve been able to foster a social setting that promotes confidence, learning, fun and, above all else, a love for music.

Yousician for Schools will bring the Yousician technology and gamified methodology into the music classrooms of ten (10) elementary schools in the Helsinki metropolitan area at no cost whatsoever to the schools involved. The goal of this project is to help schools and educators make that transition to the future of music education. The selected participating schools in the pilot project will have access to all necessary equipment, musical instruments and licenses for 12 months.

Registration for the ​"Yousician For Schools" Pilot​ is now open online at https://schools.yousician.com​ or in person at​ EDUCA 2020, stand 6f8​. The spots are limited and are granted on a first come first served. This program is suited for specialized music teachers as well as elementary classroom teachers teaching music with limited levels of knowledge in the subject. ​Visit stand 6f8 on Friday 24 January and Saturday 25 January, at Messukeskus.